Loss comes in many packages;  death,  break-ups and divorce, declining health and changes in life such as children leaving home, getting married, having children, losing children or losing your job or retirement.

Some of these situations are expected to be happy occasions, such as retirement or moving to a new home or starting a new direction in life but these situations can also carry strong feelings of loss. Whenever life changes, we lose something we are accustom to and then gain something new.

It is difficult for many people to "let go" of the people we lose as well as the life we once knew so well.

Every time a major change happens to us, it leaves us vulnerable to feelings of loss, unworthiness, grief and can even lead to depression. Learning how to cope with loss and life changes with help you manage your grief and keep you away from the doors of depression.

This Guide is a free gift from me and the people at the Grief Recovery Institute.

Meet Our Coach, Catherine Howard

Inspirational and effective coaching and counselling for those who are dealing with loss, have suffered a personal trauma or are wanting to improve the quality of the happiness, focus and personal relationships in their lives.   Catherine is an empathetic soul, a teacher and an emotional healer. She incorporates a complete approach to personal development. To connect with Catherine directly, visit the Contact page.


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Customer Testimonials

"The second quality that I try dearly to emulate, is Catherine’s enormous generosity of spirit.  She has been present in so many ways, for so many people, as she has shared her time, her friendship, and the things she’s learned by maintaining hope for better lives for all those who know her "
-- Kayt Lucas, Toronto

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